6th AEDP Case Sharing Session (2024) (只有英文內容)

The T. N. Foo Centre for Positive Mental Health is going to organize the 6th AEDP Case Sharing Session (2024).  Watching the video demonstration of a live client going through the therapeutic process, with moment-by-moment commentary from different experienced AEDP therapists is an essential way of learning how AEDP works for different nature of psychological problems, with different state of transformation, and from different styles of AEDP intervention.


Date: 23/4, 22/5, 20/6, 26/7, 19/8, 24/9, 23/10, 21/11 and 20/12/2024

Time: 7:30pm to 9:30pm (For each session)

Format: Online Presentation

Presenter: Certified AEDP Supervisors and Therapists

Moderator: Mr Wu Kwok Wing (Registered Clinical Psychologist, AEDP Supervisor)

Fee : $3,000

        ($2,700 Early bird discount on or before 31 March 2024)

        ($2,100 for AEDP Facilitators on or before 9 April 2024)

Prerequisites: Completion of AEDP Level I Immersion Course or introductory Course

Detail Information & Registration: Please find the attachments